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"I'm all-in with Promino because I think it can become a game-changing product that helps enhance performance and recovery. Promino™ is ideal for athletes and they've been a difference-maker for me. In 2021, at age 24, I became the first active NHL player to undergo artificial disk replacement. At that time, my personal training team and doctors introduced me to a number of sports nutrition products that helped speed this recovery. With this experience, I can confidently say Promino's products are the most effective and best-tasting products I've ever used.”

Jack Eichel
NHL Superstar, Stanley Cup Champion

“Promino is the evolution of protein supplementation. When compared to whey, Promino is clearly superior at rebuilding muscle and gaining muscle. In addition to that it's pure protein source allows it to absorb maximally so there's no other protein source that will help you to build muscle mass better than Promino - not whey protein isolate, not beef proteins, not plant proteins, basically this is the new age of how we build muscle.”

Dr. James LaValle
RPH, CCN, ND (TRAD), Health Expert

"As a professional athlete, I have long viewed nutrition and supplements as an important part of my overall training. Identifying the best quality products to supplement your diet as a professional athlete is essential to overall health and performance. Promino provides products that are tested, trusted and beneficial not only for athletes, but for everyone."

Jose Bautista
MLB Legend

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Delicious, low calorie, everything I need post work out

I’ve been drinking this after boxing, sprinting and lifting. Super easy to stir up or shake in a bottle post work out. Genuinely tastes good with no aftertaste. It’s nice that the calories are low while still providing all the amino acids I need!

D. E. Leedy
It's the protein synthesis!

Forget about the taste, it's the fast uptake and amino acid profile that sets this apart - not to mention it is plant-based! That's what's remarkable. I've always had an aversion to plant-based proteins, but this one changed my mind. Perfect post-workout drink. A little TOO flavorful for my taste, but I put up with it for the results.

Cory V.
doesn't taste great

I've been using this for a couple weeks and I don't see any difference between this and a regular protein powder. So maybe it's working just as well? I don't know I'm not a scientist. They've got science to back up their claims though. I can say for sure that the taste of this isn't my favorite. It tastes like beet root and it's a struggle for me to get through it.

Sean McGill
High Protein Aminos, Super Low Calories, and No Sugar…

Good source of easily digestible protein. The protein levels of aminos are more than your typical protein powder. And, this has fewer calories and no sugar. I think I found my new protein mix to start my day after my morning workouts.

He’s So Vine
8 calories, 2 carbs, zero protein = 41% more, muscle protein synthesis than whey!?!? 😱💪🏼

Okay,.. the math in our title might not make a lot of sense,.. but the packaging and product does a good job of explaining in more detail. The math works out!

…, and your work outs will be greatly enhanced by Promino. 😃

We had to read the product page and packaging a few times until it sunk in,.. you’re getting 41% more muscle protein synthesis from this drink, than whey protein. And 75% more than working out by itself.

All without any protein! Like, seriously,.. how?!?! That’s where Promino and their mad scientists come in,.. they have years of research and clinical trials to back it up.

We all love a good infomercial,.. and when it comes to supplements and work out powders,.. we’ve all gotten some snake oil before,.. but Promino has the science, US patent, and clinical trials to back their claims.

We spent about a week switching out our daily protein shake with this Promino drink mix,.. and it felt pretty similar to having protein,.. still able to get through work outs, weights and aerobic,.. with no real change.

It’s hard to believe that you can replace real protein with a plant based, low calorie drink and still remain effective at the gym,.. but this product delivers.

Early summer is here,.. most of our work outs and diets have switched to calorie restriction and healthy eating to lose a few extra inches,.. if that’s your goal,.. Promino has you covered.

Just 8 measly calories, and only 2 carbs,.. you can work out and stay keto friendly! 😱

This drink has a strawberry-ish flavor. It’s not quite Crystal lite or Kool aid thin,.. but not quite as thick as a protein shake.

Just right for slamming after a work out.

If you haven’t tried Promino yet, we recommend you do. It beats regular whey, and heavily restricts calories, without sacrificing flavor.

Check Promino out! We were pleasantly surprised. We hope you are too.

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